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Amitree Logo.If you use Gmail, you’ve probably noticed it can be a little challenging to keep all of the communication about your deal pipeline nicely organized. While you could come up with your own method for filing and tracking the various phases of each listing and client, you could also leverage the power of Folio to do the work for you.

Billed as “the first Gmail assistant for real estate agents,” Folio “automatically organizes your transactions and helps keep everyone on track.”

Features include:

  1. Automatically organize transactions: Folio automatically places emails into Smart Folders for each one of your transactions.
  2. Documents & files at a glance: Easily find important documents and contacts for each transaction you’re working on.
  3. Timelines to share with clients: Clients can see what’s coming up during closing, and see your preferred service providers.
  4. Calendar sync: When you add or change a date in the timeline, dates are automatically synced to everyone’s calendar.
  5. Reminder notes: Set up reminders or notes for your clients at any step during closing: from inspections through insurance to the loan deadline.
  6. Service providers and resources: Set up your timelines to automatically add your preferred service providers and resources for your clients.

Try Folio for free with up to “three active timelines,” or go unlimited for $19/month.

Check out Folio by Amitree here:

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