Keep Your Student Focused with Pocket Points

Pocket Points logo.Ask any teacher of the smartphone age the #1 problem they see in class, and it’s likely to be student distraction. No longer content to stare out the window, the bored or inattentive student can quickly turn to the addictive little entertainment machine in their pocket.

One app is looking to gamify student attention by offering incentives to keep the phones out of sight during school. The company is called “Pocket Points.” From the app’s website:

“Pocket Points is a new mobile application that gives students rewards for not using their phones during class. Simply open the app on campus, lock your phone, and start gaining points. Points are then used at local and online businesses for awesome student discounts, coupons, or gifts.”

It’s a clever concept. Students are actually rewarded for ignoring their phone, and earn treats from a number of high-profile national chains for keeping their fingers off the touch-screen in class.

If you have kids who struggle with smartphone distraction, or you know clients with students who might benefit from this app, consider sharing it. They’ll appreciate the tip:

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