Key Considerations for Cash Offers

Person holding cash.An all-cash offer for your home can be a dream. A streamlined sale without the lender’s strings attached can take a lot of the stress out of selling your home. That said, cash offers can come with red flags you shouldn’t ignore.

3 Things You Should Consider Before Selling Your House for Cash,” offers some clutch advice for recognizing when an all-cash offer might just be too good to be true. Scammers are out there, and there are many sophisticated ways faux-buyers can do a lot of financial damage.

Here are three warning signs you’ll want to keep in mind:

1. The buyer/investor is foreign.
2. All communication comes via email.
3. The investor doesn’t negotiate.

You’ll want to be sure you Google the investor, consider hiring a lawyer to handle the process, and check references.

There is no shortage of real estate scams large and small out there. While a cash offer out of the blue may make your heart sing, be smart and protect yourself.

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