Lead & Love Your Team with Radical Candor

Radical Candor LogoIf you lead a team, you know how challenging it can be to give productive feedback while maintaining harmonious personal relations. How do you create a culture of feedback? How do you help people on your team achieve their fullest potential? What enables you to drive results collaboratively?

Radical Candor is an approach developed by Kim Scott. Now a best-selling book, the initial idea was spawned from her TEDTalk, “The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss.” It has gone on to change the way thousands of team leaders think about praise and criticism.

The book is a great gift to give your boss (or yourself if you’re an aspiring leader), and the Radical Candor blog has many excellent articles which touch on concepts in the book. Choice examples include “What to Do When a Peer’s Feedback Annoys You” and “Give Praise that Isn’t Patronizing.”

If you’re looking to shake up the way you or someone you know leads a team, check out Radical Candor.

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