Luxury WiFi to the Rescue: “You’re my Eero!”

Eero logoDoes the thought of setting up a new wireless router for your house cause you to break out in the anxiety sweats?

Do you have lots of “dead spots” in your home where your WiFi network is turtle slow or completely missing?

You might want to consider upgrading to Eero.

Eero is a next-generation WiFi router which offers a “TrueMesh” network, designed to provide extensive coverage throughout the entirety of a home. It also has a no-hassle setup process, which is a big boon to those who aren’t technically inclined. The router comes with an app which walks you through the setup step-by-step, promising to have any home up and running in 10-minutes time, no matter how Internet savvy you are (or aren’t). The app also gives you control over the network, providing visibility into your connection speed, who is connected, easy ways to share your WiFi, and a way to force the house to “take a break” from the Internet.

While Eero is a powerful and easy way to manage your home, it does come with a price tag higher than your average router. (As Lifehacker says about the high-end WiFi hero, there is a price for convenience.)

If you’re looking for luxury WiFi in your home, put Eero on your radar:

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