MagicPlan: The Most Amazing Floor Plan App

Magic Plan app for iPhone and iPad

Magic Plan helps you create 3D floor plans.

What if you could use your iPad or iPhone to easily create an interactive floor plan for your listings? Well, you can. MagicPlan is perhaps one of the most amazing apps we’ve ever seen for working with the interiors of homes, offices, and more.

From the MagicPlan website:

“MagicPlan measures the size of the room, draws the floor plan and creates a web site with an interactive floor plan to showcase your property.”

With MagicPlan you can:

  • Present a Listing
  • Evaluate Furniture Fit
  • Estimate Renovation / Repair
  • Enable 3D Visualizing
  • Produce a Property Check List
  • Simulate Office Occupation
  • Create an Evacuation Plan

Did we mention, this app is currently FREE?

Visit MagicPlan on the Web to learn more.

Download MagicPlan for free on the iTunes Store.

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