Make Beautiful Flyers with Smore

Image of Smore logo.Ah, the humble flyer. Posted on telephone poles or shared online, flyers remain a direct, simple way to spread a message on a specific topic. Open houses, garage sales, package inserts, client events… they all benefit from a flyer that can be quickly passed along.

(Well, assuming it’s not an ugly flyer.)

Listen: You probably didn’t go to design school before you became a real estate agent. And yet you probably find yourself having to layout a simple flyer at least a few times a year. Do they look good? Do they look great? Do your clients ever say, “Wow, these flyers are AMAZING!”?

We think Smore might be able to help you with that last one. Imagine supplying your clients with incredibly well-designed flyers for their next yard sale as a thoughtful touch… one YOU designed.

Smore is an online service that helps you do just that. Even better, the beautiful print flyers you make can be shared online and work seamlessly on phones and tablets.

You can try Smore for 30 days free. Like it? It’s a very affordable tool in your DIY marketing and design arsenal:

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