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Contactually LogoIf your idea of a CRM database is the search feature in Outlook or Gmail, make 2018 the year you go all-in on a serious, easy-to-use relationship management platform. Top performers know that a well-managed CRM is the very lifeblood of their business.

While there are dozens of stock CRM platforms out there, and quite a few real estate-specific ones, Contactually is an affordable, user-friendly solution with a twist: It’s more than a database… it actually helps you nurture relationships.

From the website:

“Contactually … discovers opportunities in your inbox by proactively suggesting the next steps to take with your most important contacts. First, we connect your email accounts to our system. Then, we analyze your conversation history for each relationship and automatically prompt you to reengage with the people that are slipping off of your radar. This ensures that your most important relationships are in good standing, and that you never let important people and business opportunities slip through the cracks.”

Additionally, Contactually enables highly personalized bulk emailing within your database and can help you automate your follow-up process for referrals. The only drawback to Contactually over other real estate CRM platforms is a lack of seamless MLS integration. (But there’s no “on boarding” fee and the interface is truly superb.)

If you have no active CRM platform, consider giving Contactually a free, 14-day trial. If you like the features, plans start as low as $39/month (when billed annually):

Remember: The best agents leverage technology to help them free up time and energy so they can focus on what really matters.

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