Marketing Letters for Short Sales

Marketing Letters for Short SalesDo you want to build your real estate income by adding more short sales to your deal pipeline? The key is earning the trust of homeowners who are in a position to avoid foreclosure, and these letters will help you do just that.

Included in this collection you’ll find 4 effective letters for prospecting potential short sales. Each one is slightly different in its approach:

1. “Foreclosure Options” is a general letter, compassionate, and open to a wide range of potential short sales.

2. “Redemption Period” is a slightly more targeted letter to those homeowners who may soon (or currently) be in a redemption period with their bank.

3. “No Shame” is a heartfelt, persuasive letter designed to open a conversation with those hard cases out there who may be too proud or humiliated to ask for help.

4. “Pre-NOD (Notice of Default) Referral” is a letter you can use to help identify prospective short sales. It (politely) extends a request for referrals to people who may know someone struggling with their mortgage.

When you purchase this collection, you’ll receive a file containing an Adobe PDF with instructions on how to use the letters (along with the complete letters), plus all of the original letters in Word .doc format so you can personalize them as you see fit.

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