Maximize Gas Savings with Fuelcaster

Fuelcaster logoAs a real estate agent, you know fuel costs can really add up. If you’re looking to optimize how much you spend on gas, try Fuelcaster, a free service which helps you decide whether or not to buy gas today and who has the cheapest price near you.

Fuelcaster┬áis a free service provided by the insurance company esurance. By leveraging esurance’s vast amount of national data, Fuelcaster can help you cut expenses.

The service is also handy if you have a client relocating to a brand new zip code. This is especially true if they’re moving a long distance. By entering their destination zip code into Fuelcaster, they’ll be able to get an idea if the gas costs associated with their commute and errands will increase or decrease.

(It’s also not a bad idea for your client to get an insurance quote from their company to see if their rates will increase or decrease.)

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