A Revolution in Online Learning helps you learn online.

Science + fun + free online learning = A better you.

We’re big believers in the idea that “learning is really living.” Whether it’s a new computer skill, a sport, a hobby, or even a second (or third!) language, the process of learning keeps the world new and helps us broaden not only our view of it, but also the ways in which we can meet the challenges in our daily lives.

With the rise of the Internet and broadband access has come incredible opportunities to change the way we learn online. One of the most impressive new tools we’ve come across lately is

Memrise a community-based platform for fun, scientific learning. It’s also free. Right now you can learn Chinese, French, Spanish, or one of over 200 languages. There are also courses on foods, plants, animals, art, and more.

The team behind Memrise knows their business when it comes to the brain. Ed Cooke, the CEO, is a Grandmaster of Memory who can learn a 1000 digit number in an hour or a pack of shuffled cards in 45 seconds. He once taught a forgetful journalist, Josh Foer, to become US memory champion in a single year. The rest of the team is comprised of Ph.Ds and M.A.s in brain science, computer science, and interaction design.

Stretch that mind! The phrase “use it or lose it” applies.

Learn something new on Memrise today.

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