Mightybell: Make Space for Your Passions

Mightbell.comHere’s a nifty new website that bridges the gaps between having fun, collaborating with others, and getting stuff done. It’s called “Mightybell.”

Mightybell is a place online to create colorful groups with friends. It begins with an idea, or a project, or something you’re curious about.

According to a profile on Mashable.com:

“You can use Mightybell to break a big idea — anything from a recipe to a cross-country trip — into small, doable steps. Creating what Mightybell calls an “experience” is “as easy as writing ten tweets,” says Bianchini. After it’s finished, you can invite people to “join” and watch your progress as you work through the steps.

Mightybell provides detailed metrics like the progress of each participant, completion rate of individual steps and polls about how participants feel about each step (happy, excited, confused, bored, etc.).”

We also think Mightybell could be used in an office or across offices to collaborate on mutual goals or exploratory projects. Charitable fundraisers, party planning, or even a business book club could be incubated using Mightybell.

Visit Mightbell and see for yourself:

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