Negotiating Repairs After Inspection

Rolls of cashThe home inspection is a tense time for both buyers and sellers. If issues come up, the pathway to closing becomes a little more twisted.

If you’ve come up against inspection issues which require repairs, here are some thoughts from anĀ excellent short piece published on Zillow. The piece takes a look at:

1. Asking for a credit for the work to be done over forcing sellers to make the repairs.

2. Thinking “big picture” beyond the issue at hand, considering that repair work may be a minor concern if you have serious renovation ideas ahead.

3. Keeping your plans to yourself. As always, your negotiating power decreases the more information you voluntarily give away.

Definitely give this piece a read if you’re curious about these strategies, as well as the hazard of thinking you’ll have plenty of negotiating room post-inspection. You can find the original here:

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