Nest Protect: Next Generation Home Protection

Image of NEST ProtectNest, the company that revolutionized the home thermostat with the first “learning thermostat” is about to extend their product line to include a brand new smoke and carbon monoxide detector called “Nest Protect.”

According to this Apple Insider look at the device:

“The company said it chose a smoke detector as the followup to its successful thermostat because the current generation of devices often annoy homeowners and renters into disabling them all together, decreasing safety dramatically. Nest cited a study by the National Fire Protection Agency that found 73 percent of smoke detectors which failed to activate during a fire did not do so because their batteries were dead, missing, or disconnected, with false alarms cited as the most prominent reason for disabling the detectors.”

The new smoke and carbon monoxide detector will “produce a spoken warning, rather than a shrill alarm, if it detects levels of smoke or carbon monoxide that are considered below emergency levels.” Additionally, “warnings can be silenced by simply waving one’s arm from within about eight feet of the Nest Protect.” Nest Protect connects to Nest’s cloud service via Wi-Fi and can be monitored and configured with an iOS application.

You can bet that you’ll be seeing more of this device in luxury homes and condos in the years ahead. It’s also a relatively affordable upgrade for those sellers looking to upgrade their home with a nice amenity.

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