Off-the-Record Messaging with Confide

Image of Confide LogoSpeaking in confidence in person is something we can reasonably assume will remain private. There are often times when sensitive information should only be shared between the parties involved, and not be hanging out there for anyone else to exploit.

But how to we go “off the record” when our email messages, voicemail, and text messages are stored in servers and visible on our smartphones?

Like Snapchat, that many use to share transitory information with the expectation it won’t be shared, Confide hopes to be just the answer for professionals with confidential messages that self-destruct. Using end-to-end encryption and features that help ensure privacy, Confide wants to bring “off the record” conversations to the digital world.

Currently only available for iPhone (with an Android version on the way), Confide promises:

Screenshot Protection: Messages are concealed until you swipe. Plus we alert you if a screenshot is attempted.

Works with any Email: Instantly send messages to anyone you want simply by using their email address.

Read Receipts: With read receipts, you will get alerted via push notification when your message is read.

Interested in learning more? Check out Confide for free:

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