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LinkedInLinkedIn is extremely popular in the real estate space. Though not every agent may use Twitter, you can bet that most have an established LinkedIn profile. While you may be familiar with LinkedIn’s most common features, we thought you might also like to learn about five lesser-known features which make LinkedIn more useful for professionals.

From the original article on Mashable, here’s a brief overview of five interesting features:

1. Search for Events: LinkedIn offers a robust “Events” section. While the site automatically suggests events that might be of interest to you, it also allows you to search listings by keyword.

2. Add an Application: Did you know about the third-party applications available on LinkedIn? While the selection is not huge, there are some really useful widgets you can add to your profile.

3. Customize Your News Feed With LinkedIn Today: While LinkedIn is great for career-related news, the site is now also a great resource for business and industry news. The “LinkedIn Today” feature lets you customize a news feed totally tailored to your professional interests and network.

4. Join a Group: LinkedIn has thousands of groups that you can join and get involved with for some targeted, work-related social networking. To get started with LinkedIn Groups, hit the “Groups” option on the top menu.

5. Experiment With LinkedIn Labs: Finally, have fun with LinkedIn’s experimental “Labs” section. Whether you want to see a visualization of the most-searched companies on LinkedIn, see your own network in a more creative way, view your LinkedIn connections on a timeline, or search LinkedIn via text message, there is a widget to do it.

Be sure to read the full article (with screenshots) on Mashable:

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