One to Watch: Getting Around with Lyft

Image of Lyft IconYour average taxi ride in a major city is typically something like death-defying stunt drive in a rolling dumpster. And that’s if you can even get a cab to show up, or are lucky enough to hail one on the street. Sure, there’s luxury car service, but even then you have to contend with service delays and outrageous rates.

The thing is, it’s always nicer to catch a ride with a friend, but the sad fact is we don’t have friends on call in every city, waiting to drive us around.

Well, one company in San Francisco can provide those friends for you. The company is called “Lyft” and when it comes to catching a safe, friendly ride, nothing could be easier. Folks use their own cars and work as private drivers. In fact, Lyft uses a mobile app to show you the closest rides and even handles the processing of your fare. (How many times have you had a grouchy cabbie snap “Cash only!” at you?)

Lyft has plans to expand to other cities, but the reason we mention it in Tuesday Tactics is the November 2013 NAR show, which will take place in San Francisco. If you want to get around San Francisco with ease, take the time now to download the Lyft app for iPhone or Android.

You can get more information and download Lyft here:

(Once you’re in San Francisco, look for cars with the big, pink mustaches on them. Every Lyft driver attaches a pink mustache to their car as an easy way to let you know they’re “on duty.”)

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