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Image of logoSince we’ve been talking about honesty and personal accountability a lot recently, we thought you might find this simple tool,, useful in your efforts to be focused and productive. This easy-to-use web tool allows you to see if you’re truly moving the ball down the court on what matters.

Each day, the website sends you an email asking you what you did that day. All you have to do is reply with what you’ve accomplished.

From the website:

“Reply to an evening email reminder with what you did that day. The next day, get a digest with what everyone on the team got done. It’s that simple. No hassle, no micromanagement. Get stuff done, and celebrate it with your team.”

While the tool isn’t 100% free, it is reasonably priced at $5/month and includes a free 30-day trial.

Check it out for yourself at:

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