Practice Self-Care with Aloe Bud

Aloe Bud logoAll day long our phones nudge us, notify us, and otherwise interrupt us. Sometimes it’s because we want them to. Other times, it’s simply a distraction. Given the amount of mindspace we cede to our mobile devices, it’s surprising we haven’t devised more ways to make them remind us to be more mindful, more compassionate, and more gentle with ourselves.

Aloe Bud┬áis a brand new app with those very goals in mind. Currently available for Apple/iOS devices, Aloe Bud is a “pocket companion” to encourage greater levels of self-care. The app sends “push notification messages designed to gently bring awareness to essential daily life activities,” and encourages “self-care tracking.” It aims to “encourage mindfulness, activity tracking, and self reflection in a fun and positive way.”

Remember to breathe, move, rest, socialize, hydrate, self-motivate and more with Aloe Bud’s quirky, engaging interface.

Don’t let the pushy news apps and social media feeds dominate your mental space. Check out Aloe Bud today:

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