Productivity at a Glance: It’s Your “NeuYear”!

The NeuYear Calendar

Plan your entire year with the NeuYear calendar!

If you’re a regular reader of Tuesday Tactics, you know we love productivity tips, apps, and widgets. We’re also big proponents of a paperless office.

But if we’re 100% honest with you, we have to admit that we also have a deep love for a classic hang-it-on-the-wall-and-write-on-it calendar. Well, we’ve just come across the holy grail of calendars, designed specifically for people who are planners, goal achievers, and all-around business pros.

It’s called the “NeuYear” calendar, and the two-man team who came up with this concept just won a $25,000 Shopify/Domino Project/Seth Godin award for their simple and game-changing calendar.

Here’s why we’re big fans of the NeuYear calendar:

  • It fits an entire year on one 27″ x 39″ sheet of paper.
  • One side presents the year vertically, the reverse horizontally.
  • There are no gaps between months– just a simple solid box to mark the change.
  • The calendar is beautiful, which in turn makes you happy to have it hanging on your wall.
  • The calendar is on sturdy paper and very pleasing to write on when outlining project milestones, time lines, vacations, etc.

Even though it’s March, you may want to check out buying a few calendars for your home or office. Nothing comes close to giving you the big picture while allowing you to zoom in on the details.

Plus, we like supporting a small business. Jesse Phillips and James Martin of Atlanta, GA are the guys behind this ingenious calendar. Not to mention, these guys like to give back. In fact, they’ve given us a 30% DISCOUNT COUPON CODE for Tuesday Tactics subscribers.

To order the NeuYear calendar at a 30% discount, simply use coupon code “TuesdayTactics” (that’s without a space between Tuesday and Tactics and no quotation marks!).

The calendars also make great closing gifts for clients and other other business professionals.

Check out Jesse & James’ NeuYear calendar today

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