Project (Deal?) Management Tool: Action Method

ActionMethod.comIn our never-ending search to find new tech-based ways to keep you and your team on task and performing like champs, we bring you the newest addition to the Tuesday Tactics newsletter:

With a slick, clean interface and helpful tips to guide you through using the software for the first time, Action Method is an excellent way to manage projects either by yourself or with a team.

Action Method has a project-based approach which encourages you to add “next actions” to projects in order to get things done. If this sounds familiar, well, it should, as the idea behind the software is very similar to the legendary project (dare we say life?) management book Getting Things Done by David Allen.

With projects, you can easily add milestones, delegate tasks to team members, and check in on the progress of projects through Action Method’s activity feed. What’s nice about Action Method is that it also syncs across mobile and tablet devices like the iPad and iPhone.

While the free version is pretty robust, the premium runs $12/month (or $99/year). For certain people, this familiar, intuitive interface will be perfect for managing projects. For those of you looking for a somewhat more cutting edge interface, you might want to check out

Action Method could be very, very useful for managing multiple deals simultaneously. If you arranged each listing or buyer/seller as a “project,” you could easily see at a glance what all your next actions for a client/project are, as well as due dates. You could even share this information with your client, giving them a central hub from which they can monitor their project/listing with you.

It is definitely an improvement over the aging “BaseCamp” project management software by 37Signals.

If you’re looking for a new project management / personal & professional organization system, do get a free account with Action Method and see what you think:

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