Protect Your Kids on Social Media with FamilySignal

Image of FamilySignal logoAsk your average 10 − 15 year-old what they want for Christmas and the odds are most of their answers will center on technology. Teens and pre-teens alike are eager to get their hands on their first smartphone, tablet, or laptop so they can socialize where their friends are: online.

But how to do you effectively parent when social media is in the family picture? Do you play the role of tyrant, severely limiting their access, or do you give them the freedom to explore, test boundaries, and become tech-savvy along the way?

When technology is the challenge, technology often offers the solution, too. FamilySignal is an innovative service which alerts parents to dangers found on their kids’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. The internet-based service monitors accounts for alarming words and phrases related to bullying, sex, drugs, and an array of personal information. If any red flags go up on monitored accounts, parents are alerted and guided to the conversation where the alert was triggered.

We’re impressed with this service, and so are major retailers. recently picked the service to sell through their store as an annual subscription, though FamilySignal is also available directly from the company at a reasonable $4.99/month. It seems like a great price for a little parental peace of mind.

If you or clients you know have kids cashing in on the tech gift rush this holiday season, definitely check out the live demo available on the FamilySignal home page:

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