Q & A: How Do I Manage Multiple Email Accounts in Gmail?

Manage multiple email accounts with Gmail.

Yes, you can manage multiple email addresses with Gmail.

Recently, we had an exchange with a Tuesday Tactics subscriber who was interested in using Gmail to manage all of her email accounts. We thought others might also benefit from the exchange below.

Q: I need to switch to Gmail, but first I need to figure out what happens to all the messages I have coming to two current email addresses. Do I need to tell everyone about the change? Or can I can have the old email accounts directed to gmail? I would hate to have to re-do calendars, cards, etc.

A: You can actually have your old email addresses forward to your new Gmail account. No need to go through the expensive reprinting / changing. Your I.T. or tech person (or company you use to manage your current email addresses domain), should be able to help you redirect the email to your new Gmail account.

If you want your replies to also come from your old email address, you can setup your other email accounts inside of Gmail. In fact, this page has articles which explain “Managing Multiple Accounts in Gmail”:


Perhaps this will get you started down the path!

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