Q&A: Announcing Business on Facebook?

Image of Facebook Status UpdatesQ: How should new agents announce their real estate career on Facebook?

One of the big challenges new agents face is announcing they’re “new” to real estate. Obviously, you might be a little hesitant to say you’re new, because it indicates you may not have as much experience as others. Rather than present the idea that you’ve just started in real estate, you might find more creative ways to make your debut.

For example, you could use a series of status updates to announce you’ve recently worked with a designer to launch your real estate brand.

1. Leading up to the new design: ”Very excited to see the new proofs back from the graphic designer working on my real estate materials!”

2. On the launch of the new designs: ”What do you guys think of the new materials I’ve just had developed for my real estate business?” (Add a link to this one to show off your website or proofs).

3. On your website’s new design: ”Just re-launched my real estate website. Any feedback would be most welcome.”

If you’re working with a new company (i.e. you’re not on your own), you might simply announce that you’re with a new company. Yes, it may be true you weren’t actually with any company before, but the news is really that you’re now in business. So you could say:

“Super excited to be a part of [COMPANY NAME] now. Love helping people find and sell homes in [YOUR MARKET/TOWN].”

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