Q&A: Pre-qualifying Internet Leads?

Checklist.Q: How do I know if my Internet leads are serious buyers?

A: The easiest way to save time and energy following-up with your Internet leads is to pre-qualify them by asking a few questions on your web form.

Here are seven great questions to ask:

1. Are you currently working with a real estate agent?
2. When are you interested in purchasing?
3. What type of home are you looking for? Condo? Single-family? Etc.
4. What is your comfort zone in terms of price?
5. Do you need to sell your current home before buying?
6. Have you been to [YOUR TOWN/MARKET] before?
7. Are you planning a trip to [YOUR TOWN/MARKET] soon?

Optionally, you can also ask about financing– whether they have it arranged, or if they’re paying cash. It might depend on Question #2, when they are interested in purchasing.

As always, give your leads the option to answer these questions by phone, too. Simply add a check-box to your web form which says, “I’d prefer to answer these questions in person, on the phone.” This lets them know that they will be expected to be able to answer the questions, even if they aren’t comfortable answering them on a web form.

And by all means: Call them immediately if they have a preference for the phone… response time is key, and sometimes your hot-to-trot prospects are those who prefer phone to email.

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