Quit Wasting Time Online with Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey LogoEver find your fingers automatically typing the address of certain websites every time you open a browser window? Odds are your mind has been hijacked to check and re-check social media. According to Global Web Index, people are spending an average of over 2 hours per day on social media. Imagine how much you could accomplish if you put that time towards more meaningful personal goal?

Cold Turkey is an app designed to help you break the habit by blocking websites automatically. Unlike less sophisticated apps, Cold Turkey allows you to create schedules of when you want to block certain websites, individual pages, specific Google searches, or even apps on your computer. (If you want to go extreme, Cold Turkey offers a “Frozen Turkey” feature, which locks you out of your own computer for a predetermined amount of time!)

There’s a free version of Cold Turkey you can download for Mac or Windows, but the paid version is only $25 (Canadian). Learn more about Cold Turkey and reclaim your brain from the internet!


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