Razoo.com: Crowdfunding for Causes

Image of Razoo logoYou’ve probably heard of Kickstarter, an online platform for fundraising for commercial and creative projects. Well, Razoo is similar to Kickstarter, except its focus is on crowdfunding for causes.

Real estate agents are known for their interest in philanthropic causes and community fundraising efforts. Razoo is a great way to leverage the power of social media and your circle of influence to easily raise funds and keep people updated on the causes that matter to you most. From major international causes to 13-year-old kids putting together travel expenses to build homes in blighted areas, Razoo is a convenient platform for accepting donations and communicating with donors.

If you’re looking for causes to support, Razoo also acts as a handy search engine to find causes which matter to you most. According to Razoo: “Together we’ve raised over $165 Million. People just like you have used Razoo to create more than 68,000 fundraising pages and to give over 1.3 million donations to the causes they care about.”

Next time your organization is looking for a way to manage a fundraiser, check out Razoo!


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