Read Rooster: Become Well-read on the Go

Image of Read Rooster LogoHere’s an interesting start-up to keep your eyes on this year: Read Rooster. The service hopes to encourage people to use their mobile devices as a platform for reading high-quality books in digestible 15-minute sections.

Currently in beta and allowing new users in by invitation, Read Rooster promises:

Great fiction that fits your day: Short, satisfying installments take only 15 minutes to read but build into a book-length work. It’s an immersive reading experience that works with your schedule.

The right title. Like your trusted friend who always has great recommendations, we take the guesswork out of choosing your next read. Each month, we pair our contemporary selection with a classic. Both are great on their own and together they’re even better, like a fine cheese with the perfectly selected wine.

The right time. Whether it’s on your morning bus ride, that long line at the DMV, or those minutes before bed, there’s a story to keep you company anytime, anywhere, right on your iPhone.

We’re excited about Read Rooster’s potential to turn more people into readers. Learn more about the service and register for your invitation today:

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