Real Estate Marketing in Translation

Thank you in different languages.Are you fluent in a second language? Have you leveraged it for your real estate career?

While many bilingual (or even trilingual!) agents make a passing mention on their website about fluency in non-English languages, very few go the extra mile to turn their knowledge into a true market differentiator. Do it right, and you’ll net more leads over the competition.

Rather than rely only on in-person client conversations in Spanish, Russian, or Chinese, you should strongly consider creating fully-translated pages on your website for your target languages. With a click of a button, your foreign-language prospects can view your alternate language versions.

Another benefit to translating your website centers on foreign buyers. Right now, buyers from countries around the world are taking advantage of the U.S. market. Do you know who the active foreign buyers are in your market? Are you targeting them with your marketing?

If you don’t speak a second language, you can work with a freelance translator to have your materials translated. In order to reduce the cost, you should first consolidate your site into a single, effective landing page which highlights your main message to prospects. (The more you have to translate, the higher the expense.)

Even if you don’t speak the buyer’s first language, that you made the effort to extend the olive branch will go a long way to making you a first-choice. It’s easy to disclose on your translated page that you don’t speak the language, but welcome buyers from the country you’re prospecting.

Many companies are looking at global markets for their products in order to remain competitive. Why should real estate be any different?

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