Reclaim Your Productivity with logo.You probably don’t fully realize how much time you lose to social media, frivolous apps, and online shopping. In a world where companies make money by keeping you distracted, there’s real power in reclaiming your time and protecting your focus.

Freedom is an app which enables you block websites, apps, and other distractions across all of your devices. According to metrics from the company, “Freedom users report gaining an aver­age of 2.5 hours of produc­tive time each day.” Imagine: How much more could you accomplish towards your goals with more than 900 “extra” hours a year?

You can make productivity a habit this year by incorporating Freedom into your life. The app lets you “start sessions on-the-fly or sche­dule your Freedom time in adv­ance.” You can even plan out sess­ions that recur daily or weekly.

Freedom works on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. It also includes a free trial period where you can personally explore the app’s sophisticated options.

Multitasking is 40% less productive, distractions are habit-forming, and willpower is a finite resource. Leverage technology to fight back against technology designed to distract you from what’s truly important.

Learn more about Freedom here:

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