Saying No & Conventional Loan

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An ongoing feature in Tuesday Tactics is our “Great Read Roundup” in which we highlight some of the best pieces we’ve read recently and why they might expand your mind or help with your real estate career.

How to Say ‘No’ to Anyone Without Feeling Guilty
(5 minute read)

Why it matters: I know it’s not easy. In fact, sometimes it can be so tough to say no that you end up giving in and just saying yes. It’s human nature – we want to be agreeable, we want to be liked, and we want to be kind. The word NO is a powerful thing. Use it if you are absolutely, unequivocally sure that there is no other answer.

Conventional Loan Home Buying Guide for 2019
(6 minute read)

Why it matters: A conventional loan is one that is not formally backed by any government entity such as FHA, VA, and USDA. Rather, it is a loan that follows guidelines set by Fannie Mac and Freddie Mae, two agencies that help standardize mortgage lending in the U.S.

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