Scott’s Thoughts: 3 Year Anniversary

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.”

Buddhist Saying

This week’s edition of Tuesday Tactics marks our third anniversary. For 156 continuous weeks, we’ve produced a newsletter (we hope!) has been a help to you and your colleagues. It has certainly been a great help to us, thanks to all of our supportive readers (that means you). We’re going to continue our walk the “right direction” with your help.

To celebrate this little milestone in our mission, we’re announcing the release of “Scott’s Thoughts: 137 Perspectives You Can Use to See Your Business, Your Clients & Yourself in a New Way.

Packed with though-provoking ideas and new ways to approach and solve problems, this book serves as a companion and coach. We hope you’ll choose to dip in and out of this book as needed. Each piece is short enough to be digested in a few minutes, and skipping around the book is as easy as browsing the linked table of contents. Some entries as short as a half page, and others go on a bit longer.

Download the Scott's Thoughts eBookThe idea is simple: Get inspired, get energized, and get back into what you love about your business.

If you’ve enjoyed Tuesday Tactics, we hope you’ll be interested in this new book. It will give you a chance to review old favorites as well as catch up on pieces you may have missed.

We’re offering the book in a variety of e-reader formats via Gumroad:

Amazon Kindle:
Apple iPad/iPhone:
B&N Nook:
Adobe PDF:

Or, download all three formats in one discount bundle:

Thanks again for your support. We’re all facing the right direction… let’s keep walking!

Scott’s Thoughts: 137 Perspectives You Can Use to See Your Business, Your Clients & Yourself in a New Way:

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