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Scott's Thoughts eBook

Get inspired! Buy the eBook with over 137 perspective pieces to help you with your business, your clients, & your life!

“Scott’s Thoughts: 137 Perspectives You Can Use to See Your Business, Your Clients & Yourself in a New Way” contains the best articles from the Tuesday Tactics Newsletter, a weekly personal marketing & productivity newsletter read by 100,000+ real estate and business professionals.

Packed with though-provoking ideas and new ways to approach and solve problems, this book serves as a companion and coach. We hope you’ll choose to dip in and out of this book as needed. Each piece is short enough to be digested in a few minutes, and skipping around the book is as easy as browsing the linked table of contents. Some entries as short as a half page, and others go on a bit longer.

The idea is simple: Get inspired, get energized, and get back into what you love about your business.

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