Scott’s Thoughts: Laying Bricks

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him. ”

Sidney Greenberg (1917-2003); American Rabbi

Image of hands laying bricks.As markets improve all around the country, agents are finding themselves busier than they have been in years. With mortgage rates still low and inventory tightening up, some markets are trending toward white-hot conditions.

But this is not the case everywhere, and certainly not for everyone. It can be easy to feel you’re being left behind, or become envious of news reports where multiple offers for every home are driving sale prices above list (we’re looking at you, San Francisco).

The sense of urgency or panic that accompanies watching the success of others is difficult to cope with at times, but it’s natural to recognize these feelings and use them as a reminder.

Use them to remind you to focus on the fundamentals, to not lose faith in your approach, and to continue to lay the foundation. As we all know, there are things within our control, but for those things beyond our reach, we must understand the art of letting go.

Bide your time and sincerely cheer the success of those around you. Lay your own bricks. Your time will come.


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