Scott’s Thoughts: On Realignment

“Choices are the hinges of destiny.”

Edwin Markham, (April 23, 1852 — March 7, 1940) American poet

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If you look back on your life’s achievements, you’ll probably notice that seldom has there been a linear path to your successes large and small.

Progress tends to be a mix of grit, luck, and occasional self-correction. While having a clear set of core values can help guide your daily decision-making, everyone can benefit from periods of reflection and profound realignment.

Here’s a three-step approach you can use to realign yourself and your business:

Step 1: Look at where you’ve been and where you are today. What have you learned along the way? What did you do intentionally or unintentionally that led you to where you are now? (Pay close attention to the unintentional.)

Step 2: Ask how now connects to the future. Are you doing what needs to be done to go where you want to go? Measure your stated goals against your habits. Is there a disconnect? If so, why?

Step 3: Watch what you spend. This means more than money. It means how you’re spending your time, your personal energy, and what’s occupying your space. These four precious commodities need to be conserved for your dreams, not squandered without thought.

Your past does not have to dictate your future, but you might well learn from it. How you align your resources today will determine whether or not you like tomorrow, but not everything is necessarily in your control. If you’re feeling a little derailed, practice this 3-step approach as often as necessary to get yourself realigned.

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