Scott’s Thoughts: Picking Battles

“Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win.”

Jonathan Kozol, writer, educator

Beach at sunrise.Which battles do you choose to fight? Do you find that your heart pushes you one direction, but your rational mind steps in and tells you what is and isn’t possible?

Frequently the ideals we believe in are compromised by what we sense we can reasonably accomplish. Facing the insurmountable engenders a sense of defeat or futility. We reason that if it all can’t be done, why do anything at all?

What I would propose is that we change the scope of our ambition without compromising our ideals. You may want to end world hunger, but what about feeding those in your community first? Even if we do not feel we can accomplish the greatest ends, should we abandon the good we can do along the way? Certainly not.

As component of the concept of realistic optimism, Jonathan Kozol’s advice that we pick battles big enough to matter and small enough to win is not only sensible, it can inspire you (and those around you).

Do not abandon your ambitions or your best impulses, but find the battles within that matter and fight to win them with all of your heart.

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