Scott’s Thoughts: Qualify Yourself

“Never take a job for which you are qualified. You won’t grow.”

-Esther Dyson, Swiss-born American journalist, author, businesswoman, investor, commentator and philanthropist.

Man taking a leap over a gap in a canyon.Do you have at least one listing right now that scares you? No? Why not?

You may be wondering what could possibly scare you about a listing. There are the obvious “problem” listings, of course. Deferred maintenance, tough neighborhoods, cantankerous owners… but what about listings which you don’t feel qualified to handle?

Maybe you’ve never sold a high-end luxury property. Maybe you’ve never tackled a condo or co-op. Perhaps you’re new and feel less-than-qualified to take on certain types of clients. Do you always work with clients in a certain income bracket? Have you avoided taking on clients who are demanding, or whose profile in the community intimidates you?

“I don’t feel qualified” is frequently a socially acceptable way to say “I’m scared.” Some of the most successful people in their field took on projects they knew they had zero experience with, simply because they knew no one would give them the chance if they relied solely on their “qualifications.”

But hey, if never step up to take on a project which intimidates you, don’t worry. Someone will gladly be in line behind you, ready to scoop up that chance to succeed.

Qualify yourself and grow.

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