Today’s Thoughts: Self-Reflection for True Success

Poker chips.In real estate, money is the metric which motivates. Investors want deals. Agents want to be top producers. Sellers want the maximum return. There’s prestige in the numbers, and when people want proof of “results,” it’s almost always code for “let’s talk cash.”

There’s no harm in chasing it, provided it’s only one corner of a richer picture. But if you’ve made your self-worth and personal satisfaction dependent on your commission, you may be entering into a troublesome spiral. Personal satisfaction will not be found in your bank statement if your internal accounts are out of order.

Routine self-reflection is an essential part of seeking balance between your internal state and your “external cues” for success. Keeping a journal, and this remains one of the best tools you can use to reconcile how you feel about your career, your family, and your direction in life.

If you’ve struggled to engage with this habit, you might need some additional direction, however. Finding the right questions can lead you towards meaningful answers. We recommend you check out this guide to “40 thoughtful self-reflection questions.” Answering one or two a day will go a long way to help you clarify your mind.

Money talks, but it can’t say everything. Don’t neglect to define yourself in other terms.

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