Scott’s Thoughts: Shake it Up

“Don’t wait for extraordinary circumstance to do good; try to use ordinary situations.”

Charles Richter (1900-1985); American seismologist and physicist

Image of a seismographCharles Richter invented the Richter Magnitude Scale, a way to quantify the energy contained in an earthquake with a specific number. Each notch up the scale describes an earthquake 10 times more powerful than the previous number, so a 6 is ten times more powerful than a 5, for example.

I find this quote by Richter interesting, because it reminds us that we are capable of doing good in our clients lives in ordinary situations. We don’t have to wait for closing anniversaries, holidays, or birthdays.

In fact, we have a greater impact when we are least expected. Just like an earthquake does the most damage in a city which is the least prepared, our communication with clients and prospects can do the most good when it is the most surprising.

While an earthquake may be a poor metaphor for the impact you want to have in your clients’ lives, you certainly need to make an impact if you want to ensure regular referrals and differentiate yourself from others in the market. (Shake up how people perceive you compared to your competitors!)

This year, how will you be measured against other agents when it comes to thoughtful, timely communication? Will all of your well-wishes arrive with the expected tide of holidays and events?

Even the smallest efforts can have ten times the impact if they fall out of step with others while aligning with your contacts’ needs and desires.

Wishing you tremendous energy this week!

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