Scott’s Thoughts: Silent Need

“The things which are most important don’t always scream the loudest.”

Bob Hawke, (b. December 9, 1929), Australian politician.

Building blocks spelling YOU

We have a tendency to respond the fastest to those things which make the most noise. That which is urgent almost always can distract us from what is important. We’re often fooled into believing they are the same thing, and this minor self-deception can leave us feeling unsatisfied with our work (or even blind to more important issues).

What I’d like you to think about this week is this: What do you need that you have allowed yourself to ignore?

Set aside some time to take a mental, physical, and emotional inventory. Is there anything you have “sold out” to the demands of the squeaky wheel? Sometimes, because of the pressure of work, we allow ourselves to constantly prioritize a variety of external demands above our own needs. It leads us to see our own needs as “nice to have” rather than “must have.”

You may have an extraordinary balance in your life, but I would wager to say there is something you’ve been ignoring, however small, that may have a profoundly positive effect in your life if you choose to actively name and address it as soon as you can.

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