Scott’s Thoughts: The Extra Mile Mentality

“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.”

-Roger Staubach, Former American football quarterback.

Empty highway.As the spring market heats up and a fresh field of listings begin to bloom, you may find yourself busier than you have been in several months. Sometimes your schedule will get long and meeting the day’s basic obligations will feel like a real challenge.

It’s important to remember that what will set you apart from the competition is your capacity to push your limits and look for opportunities to go the extra mile. While you might not be able to do that “something special” for every request that comes across your desk, it’s worth looking out for situations where you can surprise and delight your clients.

Even when you can’t deliver that pop-by gift or send that thoughtful card, keeping the extra mile mentality alive is crucial. It’s far too easy to lapse into complacency, especially when times are hectic and you have a reasonable excuse for merely meeting expectations.

Routinely ask yourself:¬†“What would make them say ‘wow’?”¬†Practicing this mindful moment will preserve the habit of looking for opportunities to be a truly exceptional agent.

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