Today’s Thoughts: The Optimal Path

Person on a long path.

Considerable energy is spent every day trying to persuade people to buy, sell, invest, donate, or otherwise do something they wouldn’t have ordinarily done in the course of their day. In a way, all marketing and sales can be said to represent a distraction from the life someone is trying to make for themselves.

We don’t actually take such a dark view of things. In fact, when we think of sales, we frame it in terms of the art of understanding what someone else wants. While we’re always pleased to discover what they want is something we sell (aren’t we all!), we take the view that whether or not we are the primary beneficiary from their desires, it is our responsibility to help them along the path to what they truly want.

If you approach sales this way, you will never lack for leads and loyal customers. If you think of your job not as one of persuasion, but of a determined counselor and active listener, you will certainly win the trust of those you deal with on a daily basis.

Imagine, for example, you meet with a client who wants to downsize. In the first fifteen minutes of the meeting, you quickly realize that they’re looking for a small, luxury condo. Let’s assume you have almost zero experience with these types of listings, but you know and trust someone who specializes in luxury condo purchases.

What’s the optimal path here? Do you…

1. Look at this as an opportunity to cut your teeth on your first condo buyer representation?

2. Try and dissuade them from a condo purchase because you have two residential listings that are perfect downsize options?

3. Explain to them on the spot that you know a specialist in condo purchases and try to make the introduction on the spot?

The path you choose is up to you, and arguments can be made all around. But we would suggest that Path #3 is the best for long-term relationship building. Not only do you do what may be best for the prospect, but you also improve the lives of two people (the prospect and the recipient of your referral!) instead of one (yourself).

In our experience, helping others get what they want you’ll have everything you need in life… plus a clear conscience!

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