Scott’s Thoughts: The Silent Majority

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”

John Lubbock

Thank You!First, let me thank each and every one of you who shared your thoughts last week about the “Future of Tuesday Tactics.” We were flooded with constructive, positive comments, praise, and very helpful feedback. The response volume was truly unexpected, and I tried to be sure to respond personally to each and every person who emailed us. If you’d like to share your thoughts, you can be sure to add your comments to the post on the Tuesday Tactics website.

The experience also reminded me of a very important lesson: Complaints always seem to surface, but more often than not there’s a silent majority of appreciation out there. Perhaps silence should be perceived as approval, but it’s seldom the case. This week reminded me: The squeaky wheel may grab our attention, but the smooth running machine is easy to overlook.

Appreciation in general tends to get under voiced. Remember that when you’re feeling low. Also, remind yourself to offer your appreciation to others more often. It doesn’t have to be a major event– just reach out to a few clients, co-workers, or friends and let them know what you appreciate about them today. (This is part of the approach we take with My Real Helper, which also received some nice comments in the post from last week.)

So as for the “Future of Tuesday Tactics”? It seems we’re going things right. The majority of folks didn’t feel the need to see agent profiles or classified ads added to the mix. Some expressed the desire to be able to learn from other agents.

Largely, though, we found a big appreciation for tech tips, potential interest in reviews of new gadgets, a little more humor, and an option to go to a bi-weekly or monthly digest option versus a weekly edition. For now, we’re going to continue weekly, but will explore a new option for those who feel they’d like to go to “every other week” delivery. (We should mention here: Each week the articles are posted on, so if you miss an edition, you can always catch the articles on the web the week after they run in the newsletter.)

Thanks again. We truly have a silent majority of appreciation out there, and we bet you do, too.

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