Scott’s Thoughts: The Value of Vulnerability

“You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don’t trust enough.”

Dr. Frank Crane, Presbyterian minister, speaker, and columnist.

Chicken exposed and vulnerable.Trust is the bedrock on which all fruitful relationships stand. You can’t build a successful real estate career with creating a safe space for your clients to communicate openly and honestly. Trust fosters this safe space, and it takes time and energy to realize.

One mistake rookies often make is believing that trust comes only from unshakeable confidence. Every answer must be known. No mistakes may be made. In point of fact, just the opposite is true. Showing your clients vulnerability can go a long way to nurturing trust in a professional relationship.

When you show vulnerability, you signal to people you trust them. You are willing to open up to them, because you believe they will treat you with understanding and compassion, even if you make mistakes. This, in turn, creates a place for them to be vulnerable as well. They can admit what they don’t know. They are more willing to seek guidance.

Even if it is occasionally uncomfortable to be vulnerable in these relationships, recognize the upside to vulnerability is huge when it comes to deepening connections and eliminating miscommunication.

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