Scott’s Thoughts: There is No Never

“There is no never… just long periods of not yet.”

Solenn Heussaff (born 1985); Actress

Image of hour glass.Many people who come to real estate do so in a part-time fashion, primarily because they aren’t able to earn enough as a new agent to support their household expenses. This is especially trying for agents who do not have a spouse or partner with a full-time job, and the “lean years” of getting established can be dispiriting.

There’s a real hunger and hurry to make it happen when you start out, but the initial lack of experience and time you need to spend building a network are necessary hurdles to overcome. It is easy to feel as though it’s never going to happen for you, and there are thousands out there who simply couldn’t endure the work and the wait.

Real estate is not so different than many ventures in life in that everything can change in a single moment. Like an author who waits for that first acceptance letter from an agent or publisher, a single phone call or email message can turn “never” into “right now.”

When it seems like you’re facing “never,” try and remind yourself that it’s really just a long period of “not yet.” Remember you’re not alone. Everyone who has earned their way can remember their own version of “not yet.” Do what you can do today, take the next right action, and with time and concerted effort you will learn to endure.

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