Scott’s Thoughts: Unstoppable You

Decorative 2017 image.The New Year is here, and with 2017 comes many well-meaning resolutions. The big problem with “all or none” declarations is how they shun the accumulative nature of momentum. In fact, the greatest changes in our life begin with keeping the smallest promises to ourselves.

Have you ever heard the story of someone who’s just finished their first marathon? It’s amazing how many of those stories begin with someone whose doctor told them to “just start walking 20 minutes a day.”

Your business operates on a similar principle. Small successes can snowball to big wins. Part of it has to do with self-confidence, but part of it is the mystery of momentum–that miraculous chain of good things leading to good things.

Often we do not start because we feel our efforts are imperfect, too small, or not up to the vision of our dreams. So in not starting, we paralyze ourselves. A spark cannot create a fire to warm us without oxygen. It must breathe to grow.

How much easier, how much more powerful to allow ourselves to be imperfect, to start small, to build towards greatness gradually. Yes, your starts will be imperfect. But teach yourself to build momentum by focusing on what is right about your beginnings, not what is wrong.

Begin building momentum in 2017. Pick one small thing you can do today. Add a little more as you go. Adapt. Improvise. Accrue momentum as you go. Before long, you’ll be unstoppable.

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