Scott’s Thoughts: Where Do We Go From Here?

As is our habit at the end of the year, we publish a short edition of Tuesday Tactics out of respect for the holidays and the time we all need to reflect on the past year. Hopefully you have spent some pleasant days and nights with friends and relatives and have one eye on the potential of 2017.

What theme might we carry into next year? In the past, we have suggested investing in the ability to rise above the little things and create change in your life by creating new rituals. These themes still seem vital, but I think there’s one we might all be served by embracing.

As I have continued to grow Oakley Signs & Graphics with our amazing team, and further expanded our business with Oakley Canvas Prints, I am acutely aware that the health and well-being of our extended family depends upon a mindful approach to the question “Where do we go from here?”

And “we” is the most important word in that question. Over the next month much will be made of personal resolutions and individual goals and aspirations, but now more than ever I feel we need to see ourselves as connected by a strong, inseparable web. If we are to weather financial or political uncertainties, maintain peace in our communities, and build neighborhoods where we can all co-exist in social and economic harmony, we must see ourselves as part of a collective ecosystem. Now is no time for isolation, no place for a blind eye to those sinking while we rise.

Real estate agents know well that the world can be very small and how cooperation in all things fosters a future with greater potential for all. Let us not forget it in 2017. Wherever we’re going, we’re going together.

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