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justWink LogoAdmit it: You’d probably send more personalized greeting cards to friends and clients if you could skip buying them and mailing them. It seems like a small thing to do, but when you’re jammed with back-to-back meetings and have to follow-up with active deals in the pipeline, a trip to the greeting card store is seldom at the top of the list

Well, justWink makes the process of sending a personalized card as easy as using an app. In fact, it is an app, and thousands of people use it all the time to reach out and make a meaningful connection on-the-go.

From the iOS version of the app on the iTunes store: “justWink lets you personalize and send awesome greeting cards from your phone to your friends, family, and beyond, via REAL MAIL, TXT Messages, Email, Twitter, Facebook or Apple Watch!”

justWink offers their service through their website as well, but having the mobile power to wow someone with a real or digital card is a truly convenient perk. Features include:

  • Adding a gift card
  • Personalizing with your voice
  • Attaching a photo
  • A large selection of themed cards

Be that agent who stands out by sending cards from the heart! Learn more about justWink here:

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