Shoot Better Photos with Apple’s New Tutorials

Apple Photo Tutorials LogoWant more exposure on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms? Get better at taking photos. This is valuable not only for your listings, but for those times when you’re trying to produce great hyperlocal coverage of a neighborhood or new development.

Apple recently created a website with all of theirĀ secrets for shooting better photos with the iPhone. Topics covered include:

  • How to shoot a great portrait
  • How to shoot a close-up
  • How to shoot a vertical pano(ramic)
  • How to shoot without a flash
  • How to shoot action
  • How to shoot a selfie with the timer
  • How to capture a unique angle
  • How to shoot stills while filming
  • How to shoot with street light
  • How to shoot during golden hour
  • How to shoot a one-handed selfie
  • How to edit a selfie
  • How to shoot a sunset silhouette
  • How to shoot a group portrait
  • How to shoot a backlit subject

Watch video demos for each of these skills on Apple’s website here:

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