Spend Smarter with Divvy

Divvy logo.Here’s a handy tool for offices looking to manage costs and streamline expense reports. Divvy is a sophisticated online platform for securing an overall bird’s eye view of team member expenses and monthly budgeting with a host of handy bonus features.

In addition to giving total, real-time visibility into team member spending, Divvy also offers “virtual card numbers” to help protect you from fraud and better manage recurring subscription services.

And just like Venmo, Divvy lets you “send and request” money for your business.

Finally, Divvy provides a platform for free corporate travel management, helping you save money on travel while cutting down on the amount of time you have to spend booking trips.

How much does it cost? Well, it’s free. According to Divvy, “every time you spend using Divvy, that merchant pays a fee (called interchange) to MasterCard and the issuing bank. This fee is shared with us, by them. So we can and will continue to offer our product for free and we will never sell your personal data.”

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